Here in our traditional smokery at Bridport, west Dorset, we take the finest British produce and gently smoke it over oak and peat. To be honest, we’re utterly addicted to smoking delicious things.

We don’t just mouth the concept of doing the right thing
– we practice what we preach.

We’ve all sworn an oath here at the Chesil Smokery. And, that oath is “to do the right thing”. What that actually means is we want to create delicious smoked fish, meat and poultry using traditional methods that do justice to the ingredients we’re brought by our suppliers. All our wonderful goodies are made from animals, fish and birds that have lived the right kind of life (as far as humanely and practically possible).

So, forgetting all the marketing twaddle for a minute, if you buy our goodies and you believe in doing the right thing then you’re one of us – good lifers who’ll always give you an honest opinion and try their hardest to make everything just right.

So here’s a list of what we will do and what we won’t :

We won’t sell smoked wild salmon – they’re better off in our rivers than being under pressure from commercial netsmen. And anyway, we’ve conducted taste-tests where people can’t tell the difference between our standard product and wild. In fact, ours scored better more often than not.

We won’t sell smoked eel – as they are under severe pressure in the wild and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the protected list before long. We won’t sell smoked products that we haven’t smoked ourselves, in our own kilns.

We won’t drop our standards in order to increase margins or lower prices. Luckily, our customers seem to find our range fairly priced – and we’re frequently no more expensive than supermarkets’ standard ranges.

What’s more, we are so proud of the taste and quality of our smoked goodies, that if you really don’t like what you try, we’ll give you your money back — no ifs, quibbles or buts. That’s called putting our money where your mouth is!

On the other hand :

We do source from the most sustainable and ethical sources. Local is ideal, where practical, but we’ll go further if that means better quality. We’ve found out, through experience, that when producing the best food, you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. We only use the best ingredients – and we like to think it shows.