Serving Suggestions

Smoked Partridge Serving Suggestion

  • Take a pack on an autumn walk – the most delicious nibbles imaginable

  • Try with an onion marmalde chutney – and if you’re looking for a home-made one, we love Delia’s runner bean chutney

  • Add to an autumn salad of cold slices of roasted sweet potato and pepper, with a honey and balsamic vinaigrette

  • Or – gently fry some field mushrooms, with garlic, butter and a few finely chopped shallots – eat on toast (preferably sourdough) as a side order to your main event – the smoked partridge of course.

Smoked Chicken Breast Serving Suggestion

  • Utterly wonderful on its own –

  • Use it as a great centre piece of a white wine based risotto or

  • The heart of a smoked chicken Caesar salad

  • Try it as an accompaniment to grilled asparagus – especially if you have any wonderful, home-made Caesar sauce left

  • Or just on mixed leaves with a light vinaigrette

Smoked Duck Serving Suggestion

  • This has a sensational but delicate flavour, so try on it’s own first.

  • It’s cheaper to buy by the whole breast as long as you don’t mind thinly slicing it – which certainly makes sense if you are serving it as a dinner party starter

  • Mix thin slices with fresh grapefruit, avocado, and drizzle an extra virgin glug or to over the top

  • Or simply have it with leaves and a light salad dressing – and for a twist make a more asian dressing, with fish sauce, sugar and lime juice – with a few chilis if you feel up to it!

Smoked Mackerel Serving Sugestions

  • At shows, our smoked mackerel is known as the deal clincher – it’s that special

  • For a great picnic, you can eat a fillet in your fingers – with just a squeeze of lemon.  Prepare to suck your fingers!

  • For a great smoked mackerel pate, combine two fillets of mackerel with one spoon of cream cheese, one spoon of crème fraiche and a teaspoon of horseradish.

Smoked Haddock Serving Suggestions

  • Use as the main ingredient for a wonderful chowder – a perfect winter soup. We’ve tried lots of recipes, but the one which we like best is Simon Rimmers – click here

  • Kedgeree without smoked haddock is like crumpets without butter – unthinkable. Jamie’s recipe is hard to better -

  • Have you ever had Omelette Arnold Bennett? It’s a famous Savoy recipe, and surprisingly easy to make. We like Nigel Slater’s recipe which you can find at

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