Smoked Haddock Serving Suggestions

  • Use as the main ingredient for a wonderful chowder – a perfect winter soup. We’ve tried lots of recipes, but the one which we like best is Simon Rimmers – click here

  • Kedgeree without smoked haddock is like crumpets without butter – unthinkable. Jamie’s recipe is hard to better -

  • Have you ever had Omelette Arnold Bennett? It’s a famous Savoy recipe, and surprisingly easy to make. We like Nigel Slater’s recipe which you can find at

Kipper Serving Suggestion

  • Lightly grill – and put a knob of butter on top to melt

  • A well known French wine maker always enjoys a kipper with half a pint of bitter before a days sport

  • Our kippers are generously proportioned – so one pack will feed two people with ample left over

  • Like all out produce, kippers freeze perfectly – so get several pairs, whack ‘em in the deep freeze and you’ll never be without the ingredients for the king of breakfasts.

Smoked Trout Serving Suggestions

  • Our trout is not the run of the mill stuff that get’s industrially produced for supermarket shelves. They are lovingly reared, at our own farm, to grace the waters of some of England’s most historic rivers and lakes.

  • So, when smoked, they are similar to the smoked salmon – with a few subtle differences, namely tighter flesh, a slightly sweeter taste – and more slices per pack than the salmon – albeit smaller ones!

  • So, it’s a good choice if you want to be slightly different.

  • Our tips and suggestions for the trout are therefore pretty much the same as for the salmon

Gravadlax Serving Suggestion


  • You’ll get a generous sachet of dill sauce to accompany this. Other than some lightly buttered brown bread, we’re not sure you’ll need anything else – except access to a computer to quickly order some more.

Hot Smoked Salmon Serving Suggestions

  • Flake this onto a salad – perhaps with a light Caesar-style dressing.

  • Accompany with a light horseradish. Try mixing a strong horseradish 50/50 with crème fraiche; you’ll wonder why you never tried this before.

  • Make the most wonderful fish cakes –


For every 100 gms of salmon, mixed in 40 gms buttery mashed potato, a squeeze of lime, pepper and sea-salt to taste. Mix and set aside to cool. Shape the mixture into patties, dust with flour, then egg, finally breadcrumbs. Shallow fry in mixture of butter and oil ‘til golden brown.  Accompany with tartare sauce, sit back and receive the plaudits

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