The most important part of our business is the product, that starts with the animal, and ends with the smoke.

Click on the links below to find out more about where we get our fish, game and meat from.
We buy our fish through one of the industry’s leading experts.  He understands that we will only take the very finest fish, and also that some sources are better at different times of the year.

We source our fish from farms which are situated in areas of strong currents and big tides – this means they swim far more, which produces a leaner and meaner texture – no ghastly oiliness with our fish.

These come from our own farm, where sparkling springs feed our 38 ponds full of brown and rainbow trout. We’ve been raising fish for re-stocking into the rivers and lakes of southern England for nearly 40 years. Such fish have to fight like tigers and be perfectly formed. Therefore, we’ve always produced less fish per pond than a table farm and feed them like the champions they are – so they’re not the flabby, muddy tasting creatures that you’ve so often been passed off with. They’re as close to wild trout as you’ll ever find. Quite a few of our regulars prefer the smoked trout to salmon. In times of high demand, we source trout from old friends who have a farm on the legendary river Test. We can’t taste the difference.
These come from the north sea for the finest quality and consistently large size. They arrive here full of oil and goodness. Our smoked mackerel are not the dried out husks that you’ll find hiding in your local hypermarket.
Again, we use fish from the south-west which have been either seine-netted or line caught.
South-west herrings are currently too small for a hearty appetite, so we source ours from the North Sea, landed in Scotland.
Duck and Chicken Breasts
These come from south Devon and are all free range. They’re reared on a low density GM-free diet which is completely free of antibiotics or growth promoters.
We use rolled haunches of red deer, reared in a Hampshire deer park.
All our packaging will ensure our product arrives with you cool and ready to devour. The boxes, ice packs and insulated bags are reusable and not only functional but finish off a present that you would be proud to give and thrilled to receive.
Our ethical smoke
We use oak and apple wood from British trees, specially graded to produce the optimum size of tiny wee chippings that suit our wonderful old smoker.